Located in northern Fort Collins, Bandit's Hideout is a professional dog grooming service owned and operated by Carrie Harmon and her canine companion, Bandit. In addition to grooming, Carrie offers a la carte services including nail trims, trimming hair between the foot pads, sanitary cuts, bathing, brush-outs, and styling.

What's special about us?

• Professionalism and Sensitivity - Carrie, the owner and operator of Bandit's Hideout, is a professionally trained groomer who understands that every dog has a unique personality, and in some cases, physical limitations which will require specialized care. It's her goal to provide a safe and comfortable grooming experience for each and every dog she cares for.

• Superior Knowledge - With 10 years of experience in the grooming industry,
Carrie is well acquainted with all types of breed-specific grooms. Have a special request, or not sure what to ask for? Carrie is happy to accommodate requests or provide suggestions to suit the lifestyle of you and your dog.

• Small & Quiet - Because Carrie is the owner and sole operator of Bandit's Hideout, she sees fewer clients per day as compared to most commercial grooming establishments. This allows Carrie to give her undivided attention to your dog, and makes for a quieter, calmer,
stress-less grooming environment.